Elastomer system

Elastomers are long-chain polymers which are capable of cross-linking which is referred to as vulcanization.

The vulcanization process cross-links the polymer chains via chemical bonds creating the elastic rubbery or memory properties


Indo-Japan is a specialty chemicals supplying organisation, with a focus for raw materials used for high end applications – with emphasis on performance & critical applications While our primary focus is Japanese transplants in India, we also work with Indian customers for supply of key raw material. Indo-Japan has also forward extended into compound manufacturing for rubber & dispersions.

Indo-Japan is committed to supplying high quality black pigment dispersions for a variety of markets, including coatings, inks, conductive, resistive and specialty applications. Carbon blacks offer extremely high strength and value for low cost applications. They also have excellent Bleed Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Heat Stability and Lightfastness properties. Carbon blacks can vary widely in particle size, surface area, porosity and structure. They also can vary in the amount of surface treatment.

Dispersing these pigments with the proper vehicle systems allow formulators to achieve the performance best suited to their applications. The highest quality dispersion are considered chip quality and offer excellent gloss along with depth of image. Other products require high density for maximum coverage. Indo-Japan’s dispersions are produced by the best process to give consistent particle size distribution, gloss, density, flow and overall package stability. Whatever your requirements are, we can supply the black dispersion that will meet your needs.