Elastomer system

Elastomers are long-chain polymers which are capable of cross-linking which is referred to as vulcanization.

The vulcanization process cross-links the polymer chains via chemical bonds creating the elastic rubbery or memory properties


Indo-Japan is a manufacturer of high quality rubber compounds & pigment dispersions. Indo-Japan has been promoting the pre-dispersed products for the last three years in the field of rubber & pigment applications. We promote pre-dispersed products with the following intentions:

1. Uniformity of standards

2. Consistent & quality manufacture

3. Absorbing the critical & key mixing process out of the main manufacturing area, with a focused approach

4. Allowing a focused chemist & manufacturing expert to you give the customer the right intermediate to focus on

Besides these products, Indo-Japan will add on more pre-dispersed products for plastics & chemicals applications in the near future. Keep visiting our website for details.